Water gardens have become a popular addition to the residential landscape architecture. They can add a new dimension to the home landscape and enhance the beauty of the surroundings for everyone. Water gardens can combine not only the beauty of plants but the soothing sounds of moving water. Ponds, pools and water gardens can be a peaceful, relaxing escape from the rigors of the daily routine and help reduce stress levels.

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This style of garden has the ability to attract wildlife as well as provide an aesthetic value to most any home’s landscape. Naturalized water gardens may include a waterfall, stream, pond, or any combination of the three have the potential of adding an incredible creative touch to your landscaping.

Water gardens can vary in size from a 50-gallon or less barrel or container placed on a deck to very large ponds holding hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water. There are two main elements to most basic container type water gardens, a container, and the plants that transform it into a garden. Fountains, streams and waterfalls are popular features and can add a dramatic flair.

Japanese water gardens

Plants grown in container water gardens will need to be brought in for the winter depending on the low temperatures for your area. You should plan to buy new plants each season to replace any that have not survived. Dwarf papyrus grows well but can also thrive when planted in tubs. When water temperatures reach 70 degrees F. it is time to put tropical water lilies and other frost sensitive aquatic plants into outdoor water gardens or ponds.

Fish are a common feature that a lot of people enjoy in their ponds. Koi and goldfish are the most common varieties. You should feed fish only once per day, and only as much as they will consume in a 5 minute time span. Always remember that fish do not feed well when the water temperature dips below 45 degrees F. Fish should not be introduced into the water garden until after the plants have started to grow.

Exotic koi fish are friendly, low maintenance and very attractive which makes them an extremely popular choice among backyard water gardeners. They exhibit all varieties of size, colors and patterns. They are big fish and can grow to lengths of about three feet and can weigh up to 40 lbs. The number of fish that an ornamental pond can support is usually determined by the surface area and is known as the carrying capacity of the pond.