Properties of any size and shape can be effectively lit with low-voltage landscape lighting. It’s a customizable and cost-effective way to help your property shine day and night, year-round. The basic benefits of landscape lighting include:

Carolina Creations installs landscape lighting of all types.

•    Added security: Darkness itself could make your home vulnerable to intruders, and well-lit yards provide greater safety.
•    Increased home value: Add instant curb appeal and beautify the landscape around your home.
•    Flexibility factor: As your outdoor decor changes, so can the lighting.

Whether you decide to expand your property’s lighting or cut back for a minimalist look, lighting fixtures are easily adjusted to fit your needs.

While lighting will brighten the gardens, decide what else you’d like to light. A number of popular, professional-looking techniques can create dramatic and attractive designs. For example, your home’s facade is an ideal lighting subject, but a spotlight could simultaneously back-light trees and plants for a silhouetted effect or front-light them to showcase the plants. Other popular outdoor lighting options include:

•    Pond lights for up-lighting through trees out of a water garden
•    Rail mount or step lights for a deck, porch and patios
•    Path lights for problematic areas and protection against potential liability
•    Flood lights mounted in the ground or on a wall surface or tree

Your home is your pride and joy and that includes the landscape around it. Give it the look it deserves with the proper lighting.