There are some considerations that we will point out here with regards to have a pool installed. As a leading Shallotte pool installation provider, we’ll assist you in choosing the perfect pool and site location and we’ll answer any questions you might have along the way.

There are things to consider when selecting the pool site, such as obstructions. These could include underground wires, gas lines, septic tanks, dry-well systems, plumbing, trees, and overhead power lines. Underground obstruction and utilities should be located prior to beginning excavation. Utility companies will usually locate underground pipes and cables that are located on your property at no charge to you. Choose an avenue of least resistance for the sake of practicality and economy.

Try to locate the pool to provide the best access and most ideal working conditions. Placing the pool a few feet one way or the other, may permit improved excavation conditions, easier dirt removal and pool installation.

Access to changing facilities and the house should also be considered. Think about having views of the pool from inside the house for supervision of children and guests. As you decide on your pool site, make a rough layout where you think the pool should be located. Then consider decking and walk way by staking out their approximate positions.

Sun and shade can be an important factor when determining the pool location. Excessive shaded areas from trees and other buildings could result in uncomfortable swimming conditions during marginal weather months. In addition, it could considerably increase heating costs. Excessive sun can be unbearable during excessively hot periods. Proper pool orientation will take advantage of sunny days for comfortable swimming condition and decrease heating costs.

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