Preparing for spring’s harvest of beauty is the task of our seasonal color beds services staff this time of year.

Bulbs of all kinds should be put in now for spring bloom and iris beds refurbished. The perennial border, if it’s to be a "hit," must present a continuous flow of color and beauty, with no letdowns after one flower has finished it’s bloom and with no “spottiness” in any of its sections.

In this respect, the easiest period for the gardener is the one that extends from earliest spring until the end of June.

Seasonal Color Flowerbed by Carolina Creations Landscaping

Nothing can provide a more spectacular and cheerful opening act than clumps of well-chosen Narcissus and daffodils spotted throughout the border.

Seasonal color beds services chooses them for their eye-catching appeal as well as their size.

The daffodils will flower before other plants are very far advanced, so clumps of four to six bulbs can be placed anywhere in the border from front to rear.

The little pockets around them can be full of colorful Primulas, Grape Hyacinths, Pansies and Violas, or any combination of these little performers is very attractive.

Sowing seeds of annuals right beside the bulbs will hide the fading bulb foliage after the narcissus and hyacinths have bloomed next spring.

Ingredients of a lovely Seasonal Color beds

For a lovely color medley, seasonal color beds services might blend some of these in your garden – California poppies in shades of yellow, orange, white, soft pink and deep rose; Phlox drummondi, varying from white, buff, pink and red to purple; Larkspur and Cornflowers for blue; Snapdragons in rose, red, purple, yellow and white; and blue or white Nemophila.