Carolina Creations is a certified dealer and performs pool installation of Caribbean Bay Pools. With their signature slogan, “The Caribbean vacation that lasts a lifetime,” a Caribbean Bay fiberglass pool is certain to complete your backyard paradise.

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Caribbean Bay Pools is committed to constructing the best fiberglass 1-piece pools available in the industry today. They do this by combining top quality, premium raw materials and their unique manufacturing process to ensure every Caribbean Bay Pool is able to pass their rigorous quality control inspections. With a commitment to quality, Caribbean Bay Pools stands behind its products with an unbeatable Lifetime Structural Warranty. The premium materials utilized in the manufacturing of the pools are all “ISO certified.”  Their technically advanced manufacturing facility located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, allows them to manufacture the best pool available at affordable pricing thus allowing almost everyone to put a little bit of the Caribbean into their own backyard! All that plus we can do a quick pool installation for you.

These pools are stronger than concrete, practically bulletproof, and can even withstand an earthquake, yet are flexible enough to flex with rigid freeze-thaw cycles found in cold climates. The Gelcoat Surface is algae resistant – due to it being non-porous, algae can’t bond; pet proof – pet’s can not tear or shred; smooth-to the touch – no skinned feet or elbows; and the longest lasting surface available. Plus with these pools, chemical costs are less. It uses up to 70% less chemicals. They never need a liner change, an acid bath, and you never need to drain the pool’s water.

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