A Dethatcher machine

Dethatching a lawn is an important part of keeping your lawn healthy.

There are a few ways you can do this but there are many things to consider. You can remove the thatch manually if your lawn is small and simple in design. First you have to rake the built up thatch from the base of the grass and remove it.

Alternately, you can consider hiring professionals to do the job quickly and effectively. Dethatching lawns is one of many Brunswick County lawn services that Carolina Creations offers.

Our lawn service professionals use special dethatching equipment to remove thatch. Using the right type of tools is important to protect your lawn. It is also important to dethatch at the right time of the year. This would be driven by factors such as the climate, the weather and the type of grass you have.

We recommend dethatching be done only when the climate is conducive for good growth. The process is hard on the lawn and for that reason it should not be done in extreme heat or in other conditions that are adverse for healthy growth. Good weather will ensure that grass will recover nicely from the dethatching. Late spring and early fall are ideal for carrying out dethatching on your lawn.

For those living in Brunswick County, this type of lawn service is an important part of keeping your property looking great. You want a weed-free and well-kept lawn that you and your guests will appreciate and be proud of.

Whether you want more information on dethatching your lawn or you’re interesting in being on a regular mowing schedule, give us a call and we’ll tell you how we can help with all of your lawn care needs.