The start of summer is Memorial Day Weekend for many. If you’re on schedule you have your swimming pool cleaned and ready to go. But what if you don’t have a pool? What if you’re still just dreaming about having a fiberglass pool installed? Well you’re missing out on some of the most fun and entertainment opportunities of your life!

It's Nearly Summer! Is Your Pool Ready?

Purchasing a new fiberglass or concrete pool is not just about increasing the property value of your home. Sure, that’s a big benefit, but you open up a wealth of other opportunities as well. Let’s review just some of them:

1. Entertainment – You’ll save a lot of money by entertaining and dining at home around the pool rather than going out.

2. Increased Circle of Friends – Everyone loves to know someone with a pool! Your social life will improve and your circle of friends will increase. We’re sure of it.

3. Do You Know Where Your Teenager Is? – Teens love to hang out – by the pool, anybody’s pool – so be the family that has a pool and you’ll know where you teenager is.

4. Staycations – Why travel to some far away destination when you have the ocean and your own swimming pool right here!

It's Nearly Summer! Is Your Pool Ready?
5. Fitness – This is one of the biggest reasons people buy pools and provides an excellent environment in which to work out.

6. Safety – Let’s face it. Swimming in a pool is just plain safer than swimming in the ocean.

It's Nearly Summer! Is Your Pool Ready?
7. Family Bonding – Spending time together in the pool as a family makes for stronger bonds outside of the pool.

8. Aquatherapy – Water is a strong element to good mental health. Add to that lounging by the pool in a comfortable chair and you the perfect setting for rejuvenating after a day at work.

9. Less Mowing – Once your pool is installed, the landscaping installed and the fencing put around it, there will be just far less mowing to do!

It's Nearly Summer! Is Your Pool Ready?
10. Health & Relaxation – The health benefits of swimming are huge. Everything feels better in the water. It relieves achy joints and makes exercising a whole lot easier. Not to mention how relaxing just sitting by the pool can be.

If you’ve decided this is the summer to get your own swimming pool installed, give us a call at Carolina Creations (910-755-6411). We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss our pool sales and installation process for both fiberglass and concrete pools.