It’s the time of year in North and South Carolina when your landscape begins to come alive as soon as the temperatures begin to warm up even the slightest bit. As is often the case, weeds awaken from a long winter’s nap well before the lawn and flowers do! That’s why this is the time to call Carolina Creations Landscaping to appraise the situation of your property and make maintenance recommendations for the upcoming season.

Irrigation and Drainage

What to Know About Spring Lawn Care
Were you having a hard time keeping your shrubs and perennials watered last summer? Did water collect in your yard every time it rained and took forever to dry out? Irrigation and drainage are situations that Carolina Creations is very familiar with and would be happy to remedy for you.

Garden Bed Installations

Garden Bed Installations
If you long ago decided you want to see more greenery or flowers on your property now is the a good time to talk about installations with us. Our design professionals will talk to you about your needs and wants and plan an installation project around what you hope to achieve. The best part is a project like this won’t drag out for weeks or months. Call now while it’s still early and we can get your project on the schedule.

Lawn Condition

Re-sod for year round color
How do you feel about the type of lawn you have? If it’s the type that goes dormant during the winter but you’d prefer it would stay green – we can change that! Talk with us about having your lawn re-sodded and you’ll be delighted with how obtainable that is. It’s a job we’re very familiar with.

Or is your lawn full of brown spots even during the summer months and just looks sickly compared to your neighbor’s gorgeous golf-course-quality lawn? You don’t have to put up with that! We’ll come test your soil and make recommendations for how we (or you) can improve the situation in short order.

Shrub Maintenance

Shrub Maintenance in NC
Are you on schedule with your shrub maintenance? Did you get things trimmed back last fall when you should have or are you just completely unsure how to care for the plantings the builder installed and need some solid help? We’re here to assist! We can get your lawn and gardens up to speed with edging, pruning, and fertilizing then come back on a regular schedule to keep them looking that good!

How’s the view?

Call Carolina Creations to improve your backyard view
Gaze out your back window or door and ask yourself how you feel about the view. Did you know it can easily be changed? At Carolina Creations we are experts at changing landscapes into a dream come true! We can install any type of fencing; shrubs, trees, and other planting materials; an outdoor kitchen; or even your very own in-ground swimming pool! Give us a call today at 910-755-6411 and let us improve the view you see when you look out your back window!