As a New Hanover County pool installation provider we are available to answer any questions you might have about design, installation and maintenance of any new in-ground swimming pool that we could install for you. Not only do we handle New Hanover County pool installation but we can also install fencing and offer landscape services for the area surrounding your pool. Following are some tips to help you with maintaining your in-ground pool no matter what type it is.

pool maintenance
1. Regularly clean debris such as falling leaves and sticks out of the pool. These things can contaminate the water and clog the filter system.

2. Maintain levels of bromine or chlorine. Chlorine is a common way to sanitize your pool or spa. It removes algae and kills bacteria in the water. Bromine could be used instead of chlorine and is a favorite of swimmers who don’t like the smell of chlorine.

3. Clear your pool’s skimmer basket at least twice each week.

4. Removing dirt from the bottom of the pool. Any dirt that accumulates on the side and bottom of the pool can be removed with a brush and pool vacuum.

5. Testing your water’s chemistry regularly and making adjustments when necessary is a simple step that guarantees your pool will always have clear, clean water waiting for your swimming enjoyment.