A swimming pool is an important addition to any home and the design and installation should be entrusted to reputable Surf City NC pool installers like Carolina Creations. When you have a swimming pool installed, your home achieves a new look. This needs to be considered when creating the design prior to installation. The pool area will be the center of many activities. The area surrounding the pool needs to be taken into consideration as well both for aesthetics and safety. We are further equipped to provide all of your landscaping needs around the new pool including plantings, fencing and lighting.


In addition to elegance, the swimming pool is an expression of your personal tastes and style. Keep in mind the design possibilities are endless when you work with experienced Surf City NC pool installers. We will include you in the design process to make sure the pool and surrounding area is an accurate expression of you and your family. For some people, the swimming pool is enjoyed during the summer only. This does not have to be the case if you design an outdoor living space around the pool. You could, for example, have a spa installed as well or an outdoor seating area. Additional design features you could consider include an outdoor kitchen area, fireplace, waterfalls or other landscape features that incorporate your backyard into a year round haven. We can also provide you with suggestions for beautiful landscaping and lighting features. You could, for instance, decide to light up the entire backyard or simply opt to have lighting in the seating area. The features you install will determine whether your pool will be an all-weather wonderland or just an addition to your home that will be used seasonally. For the best swimming pool design and installation, talk to Carolina Creations. We’re experts at creating outdoor living spaces.