The landscape surrounding your business says a lot about your company and the type of work and services you offer. Your standard of care (or not) with your own property reflects on the work you do for your customers. At least this is what your customer is going to think.

commercial lawn maintenance

Look around the property surrounding your business. Has any landscaping been done or is it just dirt and cold concrete? Is the landscaping all that it could be and is it well maintained? Do you see clear cut edging, healthy and trimmed green grass, well tailored shrubs and flowers in stylized garden beds that enhance the curb appeal of the building? Carolina Creations, the leading Myrtle Beach commercial landscape management company in the area, can make sure your property is all this and more.

Your landscape won’t maintain itself and we know how valuable your time is. We have a top notch Myrtle Beach commercial landscape management program that can be custom designed to fit your landscape needs. Our landscape designers working with our Myrtle Beach commercial landscape management professionals can easily rid you of bland landscape and install low maintenance beds and grassy areas as small or all encompassing as you’d like. With low voltage landscape lighting added as the final touch you’ll love the brand new message your new landscape sends to your customers.