As a homeowner in Calabash, North Carolina, you may have occasionally pondered the benefits of having your own swimming pool but did you know it adds value to your property and will pay for itself in years to come? At Carolina Creations we’d be happy to sit down and discuss our experience with previous installations of fiberglass pools in Calabash and the surrounding areas.

fiberglass pools CalabashWhen you are considering having a pool installed just any contractor won’t do. You should be using a company that specializes in fiberglass pool installation and has a track record to prove it. Our installations of fiberglass pools in Calabash are proven successful and there are many happy homeowners as a result.

The fiberglass pools we install are of a one-piece construction. The manufacturer of these pools efficiently manages the quality of construction in a controlled environment so there is little to no chance of the errors that can occur with built-on-site pools.

Our pools are pet proof, too! You won’t need to replace a pool liner every time your pet decides to go for a dip and shreds the liner trying to get out. There is no liner required in our fiberglass pools and they come with a 7 year surface warranty! Besides being more affordable and easier to install, one of the biggest benefits of a fiberglass one-piece pool over other types is that if you ever decide to redesign your landscaping the pool can easily be relocated. Don’t try that with a concrete pool!

If you’d like to talk with us further about our fiberglass pool installation please give us a call at 910-755-6411. We’d be happy to talk with you!