Outdoor fireplaces and patios create an arresting visual setting to any home, increase a home’s resale value, and provide a stimulating area for entertaining. The benefits to having outdoor fireplaces and patios are vast. Their installation will attract the most economically conscious people due to the fact that they add great value and appeal to any property.

Carolina Creations builds and installs outdoor fireplaces and kitchens.

Entertaining our friends and family is even more fun when outdoor fireplaces are used. They provide a beautiful focal point that will provide memories of sitting around a fire for years to come.

Because each living space is different and people have different ideas of what is appealing, outdoor fireplaces and patios come in a variety of styles. Choices range from portable tabletop fire pits to something more elegant and permanent, such as wood or gas burning outdoor fireplaces. Barbeques can be added to wood burning outdoor fireplaces and can also include options that have three to four fire screens that allow observers to see more of the fire, which will enhance their pleasure.

Homeowners can enhance their living space by installing one of a variety of outdoor fireplaces and patios. Many fireplaces come with the option of including a grill or they can just be used to simply enjoy the warmth of a fire. The appearance of these units will inevitably spark many lively conversations that will add value to your most special memories.

Because of their steel reinforced concrete and stone construction, fireplaces will maintain their pleasing appearance year after year. An extra value is added by saving you time, since the only maintenance required is to simply hose them down at the end of the season. Outdoor patio fireplaces provide a year round visual feast as homeowners look out into their outdoor space and enjoy a pleasant relaxed feeling.