A healthy, green lawn and superb gardens can only be as good as the irrigation system you are using. Carolina Creations, your preferred Calabash irrigation installers, can design and install a  system that will adequately water your entire landscape from lawns to gardens.

Carolina Creations handles all types of irrigation installation.

A site analysis is an important step in designing any irrigation system.  Carolina Creations is experienced in installing and maintaining Calabash irrigation systems so we are prepared to send our professional irrigation experts  to your home or business and assess your irrigation needs. We use a variety of different types of watering systems including above ground sprinkler systems and underground systems. There are times when a drip irrigation system would work best, in some flower beds for instance where it’s most beneficial to only water the roots.

Let the preferred Calabash irrigation installers provide you with carefree maintenance of your landscape when it comes to watering. No more dragging out the hoses, sprinkler heads and watering cans. You won’t have to think about when it last rained or will be raining again. Irrigation systems turn on and off by a timer that is preset to how often your landscape needs to be watered. Our irrigation professionals will recommend the correct frequency and duration of operation based on the area of your landscape and type of plants the irrigation system is servicing. For instance, your front lawn in full sun would require more watering than your shade gardens in the rear yard.