As a leading installer of swimming pools in the coastal regions of South and North Carolina, Carolina Creations has three different types of pools we can offer you – single piece fiberglass pools, concrete pools and vinyl liner pools.

If you live in the area of the Brunswick Islands and you’re looking for a distributor or installer of Holden Beach swimming pools, keep these facts in mind regarding advantages of the various types of pools.

Singe piece fiberglass pools have the advantages of a smooth and non-porous surface with a permanent color finish. The gelcoat surface is algae resistant, smooth to the touch, pet-proof, earthquake proof and the longest lasting surface available. This type of pool uses up to 70% less chemicals than any other pool. You won’t find a stronger pool than fiberglass, and yet it’s flexible enough to flex with rigid freeze-thaw cycles found in colder climates. Comes with a lifetime structural guarantee and a 7 year surface warranty.

Concrete pools have the advantage of being as big as you’d like and can be any shape or depth. They can have design features built like vanishing edges, beach entries, tanning ledges, and more.

Vinyl liner pools offer the lowest initial cost of any of the in-ground pools. These are nonabrasive pools whose non-porous surface inhibits algae growth. The have the advantage of offering no limitations on shape or size.

We’d be happy to discuss purchasing one of our Holden Beach swimming pools with you at your convenience.