Some people define winter landscaping as putting the holiday decorations out in December and then taking them down after the new year. You can use some of your holiday landscaping ideas all year-round to add color and style to your home’s winter landscaping. With our seasonal color beds services we can make plant and design recommendations that will have your winter landscape sparkling with color!

Seasonal colors for the winter garden.

Evergreen trees are most commonly seen in winter as Christmas trees. The  ability of the evergreen to withstand the winter weather makes it a good way to add color to your yard in the winter season. With our seasonal color beds services you can also have taller evergreen trees along the sides of your home to protect your home from winter winds and summer sun. Using evergreen trees to block the wind and sun can also help lower your heating and cooling bills.

white lights in the winter garden

Our seasonal color beds services can suggest several types of flowers for your flowerbeds that will remain strong and colorful in the winter. Some flowers that grow all year round include acacias, azaleas, camellias, and proteas. There are also annual bulb flowers that will bloom each winter. They include Iceland poppies, primulas, cyclamens, and the holiday poinsettia.

Add some strings of white lights intertwined throughout your shrub beds and your winter landscape will be the talk of the neighborhood!