If you’re a resident of Calabash, North Carolina, you’re probably familiar with our commercial and residential landscaping services. But did you know that it’s us that you can call when you decide to have a swimming pool installed? We are happy to be your local Calabash pool installers and we offer Caribbean Bay Pools logo14 different styles of pools built by Caribbean Bay Pools. Having Carolina Creations Landscapes, Inc install an in ground pool for you will give you the everlasting opportunity to enjoy “The Caribbean Vacation That Lasts a Lifetime.”

The manufacturer of these pools is committed to constructing the best single piece fiberglass pool available in the industry, that’s why it’s the only one we carry. Our Calabash pool installers will have your pool installed within a week. That’s a far cry from the 6-8 weeks it takes for the installation of other pools.

These fiberglass pools use up to 70% less chemicals than other in ground pools so your operating costs are less. You’ll spend less time cleaning the pool, too. Furthermore, you will never need to change a liner, give an acid bath or drain the pool. Caribbean Bay Pools are stronger than concrete, practically bulletproof, can withstand an earthquake, and yet are flexible enough to flex with the freeze-thaw cycles found in cold climates. And if you have a dog, you won’t need to worry about their nails tearing a pool liner.