Increasingly more and more people are opting to have an in-ground swimming pool installed and it’s a good decision that pays for itself in added home value. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home and opens up a whole new opportunity for outdoor living for your family and friends. As Southport pool installation professionals we are available to meet with you to discuss all aspects of pool ownership and the installation of your new pool. We are a certified dealer of Caribbean Bay Pools — one of the best single piece fiberglass pools on the market — and we can assure you that your pool is made of top quality materials. Your new pool comes with a lifetime structural warranty and a 7 year surface warranty.

Caribbean Bay Pool installationYou’ll be pleased at how easy it is to work with our Southport pool installation design professionals to create the setting you would like for around your pool and we promise you a quick install time. Installation of these fiberglass pools takes 1-3 days as opposed to 2-8 weeks for concrete pools or those with vinyl liners. We can relocate your pool easily enough to fit into a new design if you decide to change your landscaping in a few years.Save on maintenance time and costs when you purchase a one-piece fiberglass pool. Estimated weekly maintenance time for these pools is just 1 hour each week. We know you’d rather spend your time enjoying your pool so call us today!