As a landscape company offering professional pruning services we pay careful attention to the shrubs and trees that surround your house. Dead limbs and some smaller “roughage” can pose a danger to you and your family, as well as your home. Essentially, proper pruning is essential for healthy and aesthetically pleasing trees. Pruning services are needed when first planting a tree to control its growth and to help develop its shape. Pruning can help spur growth in foliage, fruit and flowers as well as remove diseased and damaged areas.

winter tree pruning

Winter is the perfect season for structural pruning, as deciduous shrubs and trees have lost their leaves, revealing their branching structures. Give new life to old and overgrown shrubs that are threatening to take over your house, or prune to enhance the beauty and function of your specimen plants.

Structurally pruning a tree correctly promotes healthy and more productive tree growth. Our pruning services offer winter structural pruning when your trees are their least active, during the late winter and early spring, to avoid stressing the tree and causing more damage than we are attempting to remove.

During the winter, structural problems within the tree are also more visible, which makes it easier to make pruning decisions without tons of leaves concealing the branch structure. But not only is it appropriate for many trees to be pruned in the winter, it is also practical. Trees are dormant in the winter months. When a tree goes dormant, it goes through a period where all physical activity is temporarily stopped (including growth and development). This results in many trees entering dormancy from roughly late autumn to early spring.