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Inground Fiberglass Pools

The professional team of designers and contractors at Carolina Creations have been installing fiberglass inground pools in Wilmington, NC and around the Carolinas for years. We stand by you throughout the entire process from selecting the pool shape perfect for you, to the design and installation of the outdoor living space surrounding your new fiberglass pool.



Fiberglass Pool - Designer Series


C Series - The C Series features a tanning ledge, generous bench seat, and stunning curve appeal while providing more swim space than any other pool in its class.



I Series - The I Series features a tanning ledge, Easy-Entry pool steps, deep end seat, multiple entry points and an open pool interior, plenty of room for activities with the family.



D Series - The D Series features a spacious tanning ledge, textured pool steps, deep end bench steps, open pool interior and the series is automatic cover friendly.



R Series - The R Series features a shallow end bench seat, cascading pool stairs, textured steps, deep end bench steps, open pool interior and the series is automatic cover friendly.



M Series - The M Series features a tanning ledge, textured steps & floor, open interior and swiming lane, spacious ench seats, multiple entry points and automatic cover friendly.



L Series - The L Series comes in 1 model with a spacious tanning ledge, open pool interior, generous bench seat, open swim lane, textured ledge, teps, floor and is automatic cover compatible.



T Series - The T Series model features a spacious shallow end bench seat, large shallow end for socialzing and play, open interior, deep end seats / exitpoints, a massis 8' 6" deep end and is automatic cover firendly.



X Series - This one checks all the boxes! Rectangular pool design, meets integrated spa, meets tanning ledge. The X Series has everything you need to relax, unwinbd or throw a party that everyone will remember....Did we mention it's auto-cover ready?



Designer Ledges - Our Designer Series Tanning Ledges offer the perfect depths, ideal for partial immersion while lounging but also make great splash areas for kids and pets. Our Ledges can be built flush with the pool deck or elevated, which offers the option to add a customized spillway for an elegant water feature.


Designer SPAS - Our Designer Series Spas feature cascading entry steps with textured surface, non-skid floor surface and many custom spillway options. Our Spas can be added to any pool or built as an in ground, stand-alone feature.



Select from nine different Designer Series colors.



Arctic Shimmer (standard) Arctic Shimmer

Azure Pool Color Azure

California California


Caribbean Sparkle (standard) Caribbean Sparkle

Granite Gray Granite Gray

Graphite Pool Color Graphite


Maya (standard) Maya

Ocean Shimmer Ocean Shimmer

Sandstone Shimmer Sandstone Shimmer




Fiberglass Pool - Luxury Series



The Brilliant The Brilliant

40' x 15'6" 4'7" x 6'8"
35' x 15'6" 4'7" x 6'4"
30' x 15'6" 4'7" x 6'1"

The Celebration The Celebration

40' x 15'6" x 4' 8'

The Freedom The Freedom

30' x 13'1" 5' x 5'
26'3" x 13'1" 5' x 5'
23' x 13'1" 5' x 5'


The Freedom - Splash Pad The Freedom with splash pad

38'1" x 13'1" 5' x 5'
34'4" x 13'1" 5' x 5'
31'1" x 13'1" 5' x 5'

The Inspiration The Inspiration

40' x 15'6" 4'2" x 6'8"
35' x 15'6" 4'2" x 6'4"
30' x 15'6" 4'2" x 6'1"
26' x 13' 4'1" x 5'7"
23' x 13' 4'1" x 5'5"

The Marvelous The Marvelous

40' x 15'6" 4'1" x 6'6"
35' x 15'6" 4'1" x 6'2"
30' x 15'6" 4'1" x 5'10"


The Illusion The Illusion

40' x 15'5" 4'4" x 7'
35' x 15'5" 4'4" x 6'6"
30' x 15'5" 4'4" x 6'

The Vision The Vision

26' x 10' 5' x 5'
23' x 10' 5' x 5'
20' x 10' 5' x 5'
16' x 10' 5' x 5'

The Fantasy The Fantasy

35' x 14'6" 3'6" x 6'6"
30' x 14' 3'6" x 6'
26' x 12'6" 3'6" x 5'7"


The Exquisite The Exquisite

40' x 15'5" 4' x 6'6"
35' x 15'5" 4' x 6'2"
30' x 15'5" 4' x 5'11"

The Dream Spa - Square The Dream Spa - Square

7'5" x 7'5" x 3'2"

The Dream Spa - Round The Dream Spa - Round

8' x 8' 2'10"


The Mystique Spa The Mystique Spa

6'10" x 6'10" 3'

The Pearl Tanning Ledge The Pearl Tanning Ledge

10'5" x 7'10" x 12"

The Mercury Tanning Ledge The Mercury Tanning Ledge

10'5" x 6'10" 12"


The Lagoon Tanning Ledge The Lagoon Tanning Ledge

14' x 7'3" 12'



Fiberglass Pool - Economy Plus Series



Presidente Presidente

35' x 16' 6" x 3' 4" x 6' 5"

  Mai Tai   Mai Tai

35' x 15' x 3' 6"

Prosecco Prosecco

35' x 12' x 3' 6"


Bay Breeze II Bay Breeze II

31' x 14' x 3' 6" x 6'

Bay Breeze Bay Breeze

31' x 14' x 3' 6" x 6'

Alexander Alexander

30' x 14' x 3' 6" x 6'


Margarita Margarita

30' x 14' x 3' 7" x 5' 11"

Oak Island Oak Island

28' x 12' x 4'6"

Henchata Henchata

27' 6"' x 11' 10" x 3' 4" x 5'

  Mimosa   Mimosa

25' 4" x 14' x 3' 6" x 6'

Manhattan Manhattan

25' 4" x 12' x 3' 6" x 6'

Americano Americano

25' x 12' x 3' 5" x 5' 6'

  Hatteras   Hatteras

24' x 11' 8" x 25"

  Martini   Martini

22' 3" x 12' x 3' 6" x 5' 1"

  Daiquiri   Daiquiri

20' x 11' x 6' 5" x 3' 5" x 5'

  Derby   Derby

20' x 10' x 3' 2" x 5'

  Sangria   Sangria

15' 6" x 8' 6" x 4'

  Bellini   Bellini

10' x 8' x 3'

  Bronx   Bronx

8' x 19" x 14'

  Cosmopolitan   Cosmopolitan

8' x 11'

  Mojito   Mojito

8' x 1' 7" x 2'

Select from five different colors.


Desert Sand Desert Sand

Light Blue Light Blue

China Blue China Blue

Crystal Ice Crystal Ice

Sea Breeze Sea Breeze

*Optional Gel-coat color upgrade available upon request


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client testimonials

James Papritan Residential-Pools

Art Miller and his crews just finished installing our pool while we built our dream home and we could not be happier. I have worked with Art and his people for several years now as I build homes for a local builder. I can say with out a doubt they do the best work around and their service is top ... Read More

Dawn Barb Residential-Pools

Carolina Creations did an amazing job on our pool, concrete patio and privacy fence! We are above impressed with their quality of work. The whole project turned out beautiful! Art was a pleasure to work with and made our dreams come true! We are anxious to enjoy our new pool this Summer!

... Read More
Patty Lewis Residential-Pools

Thank you Carolina Creations for making our dream home our oasis! Art Miller and his team did an amazing job on our pool with spill over spa - it's beautiful! They continue to be responsive as we get used to living with such a wonderful addition to our home.

... Read More
Brenda and Edde Residential-Pools

My plans to start a pool began in October of 2018; I asked pretty much everyone I came in contact with on Oak Island who they would use to build a pool. I don’t do math, however, I would say 95% of the answers were Carolina Creations. An extended family member used Art Miller of Carolina Cr ... Read More

Laurie S. Residential-Pools

Our pool was installed by Carolina Creations in the fall of 2018 during the building of our new house in southeastern NC. The pool was finished exactly as we envisioned and has been a wonderful addition to our new home. So glad we added 3 jets to the 6 foot end - exactly the water sounds that I w ... Read More

T King Residential-Landscaping

We are extremely pleased with the pool installation and landscaping performed by Carolina Creations to create our backyard oasis. Every aspect of the pool installation and landscaping was performed with a high degree of professionalism, attention to detail, and with the highest degree of quality. ... Read More

Melody Willis Residential-Pools

I just have to say that Eric Alderman, Brandon Fulwood, and Tomas Mauro are 3 men of their word. They did a great job with the installation of our pool. We decided to install a heater/cooler system and Eric was very prompt and accommodating with our changes. I would recommend these 3 guys to anyo ... Read More