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Inground Fiberglass Pools

The professional team of designers and contractors at Carolina Creations have been installing fiberglass inground pools in Wilmington, NC and around the Carolinas for years. We stand by you throughout the entire process from selecting the pool shape perfect for you, to the design and installation of the outdoor living space surrounding your new fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass Pools Cost

One of the advantages of choosing a fiberglass pool is the great price available on many models. To learn more about financing options check out a list of our partners offering pool loans.

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Why Buy A Fiberglass Pool?


Quick Installation

When you decide to invest in a new swimming pool, chances are you arent willing to wait around very long. Our professional installation crews will have you enjoying your new pool in no time!

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Chemical costs alone are up to 70% less than other styles of pools. Energy savings – fiberglass pools are non-porous requiring less filtration time. Water savings – you'll NEVER need to drain and refill your pool, NEVER needs acid washing, painting, or an expensive Liner Change.

One Piece Pool Construction

This means the pool is a complete one piece “vessel”. You are not at the mercy of an installer to build a pool in many stages or pieces. The manufacturer controls the quality in a controlled environment. Therefore, there is little chance for error.


The non-porous surface yields a “smooth to the touch” finish. No more skinned feet or elbows!

Longest Lasting Surface Available

Pet proof - pet's can't tear or shred (unlike vinyl liner pools) you new fiberglass pool. Algae can't bond to the nonporous surface, eliminating the need for acid baths which wear down pool surfaces (such as concrete) over time.

Cost & Value

With all these features fiberglass pools are typically much less than all other pool types. Giving you a great value on your new backyard oaisis.


Standard Fiberglass Pool Features
Lifetime Structural Warranty Critical Point Laminate Inspection Hand Laminated Construction
7 Year Surface Warranty Walk-in Entry Steps Smooth Non-porous Surface
Built-in (non-skid) Entry Steps Built-in Coping Permanent Color Finish


Fiberglass Pools vs. other pool types
Lifetime 1 year No labor
(seams only)
No labor
(1 year on bottom only)
(time per week)
1 Hour 8 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours
Surface Smooth & Nonporous Rough & porous Slippery Rough & porous
Time to Install 1-3 Days 6-8 weeks 2-3 Weeks 3-4 weeks
Quality Control By Factory By Installer By Installer By Installer
Type of Coping Fiberglass Concrete Aluminum Aluminum
Steps Built-in Built-in Optional Optional
Anytime Never Never Never

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Fiberglass Pool Styles Available

Copan Fiberglass Pool Design

7' 6" x 14' / 3' 6" Deep

Utila Fiberglass Pool Design

9' x 17' / 4' 6" Deep

Roatana Fiberglass Pool Design

10' x 20' / 3' - 5' Deep

Swan Fiberglass Pool Design

11' x 23' / 3' - 5' 6" Deep

Calabash Fiberglass Pool Design

12' x 25' / 3' 6" - 5' 5" Deep

Bay Reef Fiberglass Pool Design

12' x 20' / 4' 6" Deep

Isle Reef Fiberglass Pool Design

12' x 28' / 4' 6" Deep

Mayan Fiberglass Pool Design

13' x 29' / 3' 6" - 5' 6" Deep

Calypso Fiberglass Pool Design

14' x 30' / 3' - 6' Deep

Atlantica Fiberglass Pool Design

14' x 33' / 3' - 6' 3" Deep

Port Royal Fiberglass Pool Design

15' 6" x 32' / 3' - 6' Deep

Neptune Fiberglass Pool Design

14' x 37' / 3' - 6' Deep

Neptune Fiberglass Pool Design

16' x 38' / 3'6" - 7' Deep

Spill Spa Design

Spa - 9' 9" W / 36" Deep

Coconut Spill Spa Design

Spa - 9' 9" W / 36" Deep

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