Pest Control Services

Fire Ant Control 

The health threats of fire ant stings are no topic of pleasant conversation. Eliminate fire ants from your property and protect your family and pets with an annual application of Top-Choice®. This product can only be provided by a licensed lawn care operator and cannot be purchased by the residential consumer. Make no mistake, there is NO substitute.

Carolina Creations Landscapes, Inc., can help you control fire ants on your property for one (1) full year with only one (1) application, guaranteed. With this application you will also receive seasonal control of other lawn damaging insects for no additional charge.

Backed by Bayer® Science, Carolina Creations Landscapes, Inc., has been selected as the area’s leading provider of Top-Choice® products and considered the industry principals of Lawn Care Services in the Carolinas.


Mole Cricket Control 

Turf damaging insects can destroy a healthy lawn within days, resulting in the loss of countless hours of care and previously devoted resources. Moreover, the damage will severely slow the growth and overall development of your lawn, while devastating the appearance in the process.

Mole cricket damage is primarily mechanical. These insects tunnel through the soil near the surface, severing the roots while feeding. Experienced professionals can predict and take preventative action to avert and minimize damage.

Carolina Creations Landscapes, Inc., offers a basic mole cricket program with the capability of managing these lawn damaging insects. By timing applications with egg hatch and weather conditions, we can gain greater control and minimize damage.


Chinch Bug Control 

Chinch bugs offer an endless supply of frustration to homeowners and lawn care professional alike. Chinch Bugs suck the sap from the stems and crowns of turf. The dead areas become brown, irregular sunken patches, coalescing into larger dead areas as damage increases.

Chinch bugs are mostly found in St. Augustine turf but are attracted to any lawn that has too much thatch and is drought-stressed. Populations increase in hot dry conditions and infested lawns often have compacted soil.

Carolina Creations Landscapes, Inc., offers a program to relieve your landscape of these pests. It is a must have for those with St. Augustine lawns, although desirable for all turf types.


Flea and Tick Control 

Fleas and ticks can be overwhelming in population, embedding themselves in our lawns and shrub beds. All the while, they're making pets and humans their vehicles for transporting and relocating into our homes and other areas, where they are no more desired. When it comes to flea and tick infestation, there is no such thing as overreacting.

People fail to understand why aggressive treatment of the indoor environment and their pets do not eliminate the problem. In order to gain control of fleas and ticks, the outdoor areas must be completely treated on a routine basis. Otherwise, infested lawns will begin an inward invasion the minute you thought you could safely declare your home flea-free.

A flea and tick Lawn Control Service plan is an essential part of an integrated approach to flea and tick control. Your family and your pets will thank you.



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